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Looking for great Java developers?Then you need Jademy graduates right now!

Who we are

The idea of finding a cost and time efficient solution for both individuals and companies is what brought us together as the team that we are today, a team of young and enthusiastic people who commit to innovation and excellence. The best part of it? We keep it fun! We love what we do and we work with the belief that the learning process and collaboration should be as exciting and fun as the end result. We are happy to see great results and success stories developing everyday, yet we never stop, we aim for constant improvement. There is an ever growing need for IT professionals and Computer Science universities are overwhelmed and cannot deliver enough to cover the demand. Plus, there are many talented people out there, who are passionate about computers and the idea of coding but they are not able to invest the time and money required for obtaining such a degree.

What we do

We are a training academy that focuses on helping individuals and companies develop IT programming skills. Our training program is known as JAVA CODING BOOTCAMP and it aims to train skills development with a great emphasis on practical learning: intensive classes at an accelerated pace where trainees are supported in developing various projects with different levels of complexity. Jademy’s trainers are IT professionals with a vast training experience in the field but also active software developers that are updated on the latest developments in this industry and therefore, they can provide our students with high quality information. Once our students graduate we recommend them to the IT companies, based on the precise soft & hard skills profile they are looking for.

Why should companies hire Jademy graduates?

We think the most relevant and objective answer to that question can come from one of the companies that have taken a leap of faith and decided to try working with us. Tatiana Neamțu, Country Manager of Interdata ABS, the Romanian branch of ABS LBS - worldwide leader in the laundry software solutions industry- interviewed and hired Jademy graduates in March 2016 and now, three months after working with the people we recommended we requested feedback on the value that our services add to the ABS LBS business. Here’s what she had to say:

The Recruitment process gave us the opportunity to meet and start building business together. It was the representatives’ attitude that made me believe Jademy was best for achieving the desired result. Very positive, straight to the point, with a high level of empathy. Specifically, they provided us with the best people, matching their recommendation with the profile we were looking for, both technical and personal skills, in a very short time frame. The experience of working with Jademy representatives, naming Adela, and people trained by them, is the one that can be described by words like enthusiasm, dedication, commitment, joy. If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with Jademy or not, I’d say to them:  Go for it. You will enjoy extraordinarily positive results, exceeding your expectations.‘ - Tatiana Neamțu, Country Manager of ABS LBS Romania.

Our commitment

Your success is our goal. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what kind of profile you are looking for, we are looking forward to doing business with you and we commit to finding the solution that best serves your need.